Best Android Custom View Library(es) – 2020

Check out these awesome best android custom view libraries to boost your android development, these are the best android custom view libraries 2020 this Android offers a sophisticated and powerful componentized model for building your UI, But If none of the prebuilt widgets or layouts meet your needs, you can create your own View subclass. If you only need to make small adjustments to an existing widget or layout, you can simply subclass the widget or layout and override its methods.

If you still needed more simple and useful widgets, then you’re in the right place.

The Best Android Custom View Libraries – 2020


timeline View

Android Timeline View Library (Using RecyclerView) is the simple implementation used to display views like Tracking of shipment/order, steppers, etc.

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Author – Vipul Asri

9. TextDrawable

text Drawable

This light-weight library provides images with letters/text like the Gmail app. It extends the Drawable class thus can be used with existing/custom/network ImageView classes. Also included is a fluent interface for creating drawables and a customizable ColorGenerator. This light-weight library provides images with letters/text like the Gmail app. It extends the Drawable class thus can be used with existing/custom/network ImageView classes. Also included is a fluent interface for creating drawables and a customizable ColorGenerator.

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Author – Amulya Khare

8. CountdownView

countdown View

Android Countdown View uses canvas to draw view on surface. this library supports multiple styles, colors, font face and much more customization with this custom view library.

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Author – iWgang

7. Loader View for Android

loader View

Android Custom View Library that enables TextView of ImageView to show loading animation while waiting for the text and image get loaded.Provide both TextView and ImageView the ability to show shimmer (animation loader) before any text or image is shown. Useful when waiting for data to be loaded from the network.

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Author – Elye

6. MathView

math View

An Android Custom View Library for displaying math formulas in Android apps.MathView is a third-party view library, which might help you display math formula on Android apps easier. Two rendering engines available: MathJax and KaTeX. Support Android version 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and newer.

Homepage –
Author – jianzhongli

5. ChatMessageView

Chat UI

  • This Android Custom View Library aims to provide a chat UI view for Android.
    You need to write just a few codes to create a chat view.
    Auto date setting.
    Easy to use for bot app.

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Author – Tsubasa Nakayama

4. LineGraph – Android Custom View Library

Line Graph

A line chart is one of the most commonly used charts on all platforms across many industries. This Android Custom View Library – Android Line Graph can be used to render XyDataSeriesXyyDataSeries (renders Y values), XyzDataSeriesHlcDataSeries and OhlcDataSeries(renders Close values) in your android application.

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Author – Farshid Roohi

3. Flowing Gradient Library


Android Library to make a flowing gradient effect, similar to that used in Instagram Android login screen.

2. Particles Drawable – Android Custom View Library

Particle Drawable

This Custom Android View Library Draws random flying particles in space forming constellations.


  • ParticlesDrawable, which is an Animatable Drawable.
  • ParticlesView, which is a View.

Both have the same public methods for customization and may be inflated using the same customization XML attributes.

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Author –  Yaroslav Mytkalyk

1. ScratchCardView – Android Custom View Library


ScratchView repo is UX Design involving scratch cards like views that are scratched to reveal the information they conceal. There are two types of ScratchView


A Child of RelativeLayout which conceals a relative layout. Scratching over the view will reveal the hidden RelativeLayout. Also, the scratch-able view is RelativeLayout.


A Child of ImageView which conceals the image. Scratching over the view will reveal the hidden image.


A Child of TextView which conceals the text. Scratching over the view will reveal the hidden text.

Homepage –
Author –  goibibo

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So that was the list of Best Android  Custom View Libraries for 2020 also please look at Top 10 Android Libraries 2020

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